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Altru tees are pretty much the bees knees. Case in point some of their designs have made it into Urban Outfitters and other retailers. Their full collection however remains a hidden gem for all tee lovers. Mine have grown beyond octomom status. 



Paltrow and her quiver of workers behind Goop having been building a solid blog for the past age. Recently they have been branching out with the song suggestions. The straw that broke my back was seeing Sleigh Bells. Love their album. 

People always say how @kellyslater has great skills but not many people truly admit what great hands this dude has. On another note kellys’ book is quite the read and great for the coffee table beside my 11 world champion trophies for tidly winks.

Not since Birdy have i been as impressed in another persons covering capabilities and this includes peoples wrapping at christmas. Her voice makes you realize talent. 

Click on her cover to bring you straight to joy and spotify. Lissie long and prosper. 


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